TVO has a new documentary, “Reboot – a Future Museum“, that follows the three year process of replacing the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. The original museum, a bakery warehouse turned museum, opened in 1967. By 2014 there were some major issues like a leaking roof, asbestos and the discovery of a toxic mould that caused the shutdown of the building. Over the next three years the new structure took shape on the existing site. They used the opportunity to make significant changes in the museum experience adding much more digital technology to the project. There is now a wonderful blend of tactile and historical objects as well as other sensory and virtual experiences. Truly something for everyone. The exterior of the building using screens at the entrance and large projections on the exterior facade start your adventure before you have even entered the building.

CSTM TVO documentary image

See the documentary “Reboot” by TVO now.

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