Canadian Architect magazine published the RAIC Gold Medal 2018 edition – May 2018.

Gilles Saucier and Andre Perrotte were this year’s winners. The 32 page magazine includes photos and articles about them and their impressive portfolio as well as words of appreciation. One of the featured projects is the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo.

It is exciting to have worked on this project with them and we congratulate them on the RAIC Gold Medal.

“In my view, the most significant project to date in their impressive portfolio is the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo from 2004. The firm was selected to design the international research centre, which was initially funded by Blackberry founder Mike Lazaridis. Located on a nebulous site on the edge of Silver Lake close to two other important public institutions, the project creates an artificial landscape atop which sits the building organized in three primary east-west bands. The southern zone, with its remarkable science-inspired facade, houses administration; the northern band presents a staggered array of cubic offices (a device used in many subsequent projects) and the middle creates a public atrium zone. The design brings all of the devices Saucier + Perrotte has so carefully cultivated into a unified whole, an environment intended to inspire scientific collaboration and breakthrough; an addition to the Perimeter Institute was completed by Teeple Architects in 2011.” (RAIC Gold Medal 2018)

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