Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)

Alcotex® Aluminum Composite Material panels (ACM) allow for greater options on any major construction project. With a fire-rated low-density core, these specially engineered flat, lightweight, rigid yet formable panels have a high bond strength and an exemplary CAN/ULC fire safety rating. Ideal for complex projects with many design elements, ACM, with its high-tech look and flexibility, allows for multiple curves and other various applications. ACM can be used to clad spandrel areas, enclose industrial buildings, clad columns and beams, and cover parapets and/or sheer walls, copings, canopy fascias and soffits. Truly an affordable option, ACM is excellent for office towers, smaller multi-storey facilities and commercial use buildings.

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OP branded Alumitex spec sheet OP-002_09-19

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OP Brochure

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OP ACM CSI System Spec OP-004_11-18

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ACM Brochure for OP

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