Porcelain Enamel

Porcelain Enamel panels, and the method of making it are centuries old. Its durability is legendary. In fact, porcelain finishes on refrigerators and other household items last far longer than any of the mechanical components which makes it an optimum building material. Porcelain offers a limitless rangeĀ of colours and a wide variety of textures from orange peel or mottled, to slick and smooth. Porcelain also proves itself in almost every climate including areas with wide temperature fluctuations. Lightweight in comparison to stone or precast concrete, porcelain can be used for a multitude of projects from skyscrapers to low rise buildings - even unique roof-top panels. Porcelain is also an excellent material for complex curved applications. From durability to flexibility, porcelain is a top-quality material that provides cost-efficient solutions for clients looking for a progressive, modern and completely unique building.

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