award emblem80 Atlantic by BDP Quadrangle has won a Canadian Green Building Award. It is a program of Sustainable Architecture & Building [SABMag]. The winners represent some of the best examples of sustainable, high-performance building design in Canada. You can see the full list on the SABMag website. An article about the project was featured in OntarioFOCUS as well.

The Jury stated that:
“Jury: In a market where commercial buildings of this size and type were once common, this project sends a signal that mass wood construction is once again a viable and highly desirable option. The beauty of the exposed wood and high quality of interior daylighting contribute to a beautiful working environment. With its glass exterior, the building makes a striking and poignant complement to its historic brick and beam neighbour, reinforcing the idea that both aesthetically and technically, mass wood can be part of a more sustainable future.”

80 Atlantic Avenue in Toronto uses 19,455 sq ft. of Ceramitex – Sintered Ceramic Facade System as well as 3,000 sq. ft. of Alumitex Plate by Elemex. The South-facing glass side of the building, overlooks a shared courtyard and the remaining 3 sides are covered with Ceramitex, a durable pressure-equalized rainscreen system that blends with the desired feel for the neighborhood. The building is designed to be a contemporary remake of historic brick-and-beam warehouses and to replicate the transition to the century-old loft and studio style. The punched window design, as well as the buff-colored surface, is a modern take on the old style within a new structure.
The 5-storey office building, located in Toronto’s Liberty Village (a former manufacturing district) was designed by BDP Quadrangle and constructed by Eastern Construction Company.