PLATE 3mm Aluminum Plate panels are another popular option. This product is available in either a Duranar XL or Anodized finish. With limitless colour options this superior product can be made to suit any facade.
SPECIALTY VENEERS From Phenolic Resin panels to Fibre reinforced cement panels, our specialty veneer products offer a world of possibilities for cladding. Whether a project's design calls for a rustic or contemporary look, these products can be made to suit any facade.
EXOTIC METALS are truly timeless materials. Available in a wide range of profiles, both Copper and Zinc are long lasting products. Used for centuries, these metals only need time to improve their lustre and rich appearance on your next building project.
Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a material that we have worked with for more than a decade. Roll coated with a PPG finish and a more than 70% PVdF finish, this lightweight, modern, and cost effective cladding material offers many significant advantages.
EIFS/RESTORATION Exterior Insulated Finished Systems are an excellent and cost effective cladding option. With a wide range of colour and texture options an EIFS sytem is a great choice for your next commercial, institutional or residential project.
STONE/CERAMIC a luxurious and long lasting item our stone and ceramic projects continue to stand the test of time.
PORCELAIN A centuries old material brought to the forefront of architecture. Porcelain has been popular in the facade industry mainly due to its extreme durability and resistance to scratches and dents.
Centura Tile | George Kneider | Alcotex ACM & Ceramitex Porcelain Ceramic
St Thomas Courthouse | WZMH | Zinc
Local 1946 | aTRR | Prodema Wood Composite
Brescia College | Cornerstone Architecture | Europanel Fibre Cement
TTC Museum Subway Station/Diamond + Schmitt Architects Inc. | PLATE
Perimeter Institute / Saucier + Perrotte Architectes | Alcotex ACM
St Joseph's | aTRR | Alcotex ACM
Sheridan College I.T.A.L. l FibreC
New Health Science Building l Alcotex ACM

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22.07.13 OP now offering Porcelain Ceramic Cladding
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The OP System III

system 3 imageOP has relied heavily on our System III fastening system. This versatile and dependable dry-joint attachment system is based off the NRC-CNRC Rainscreen principle. Please review our resource library for details in both CAD and .pdf. Whether you are simply interested in our fastening system, or looking for a specific detail our resource library is here to assist you.

The Leader in Efficient, Aesthetic, Functional Building Envelopes of the highest quality

OP offers extensive experience in prepanelized and field-applied exterior wall systems. Finishes include Alcotex Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM), Aluminum Plate, Phenolic Resin Panels, Fibre Cement Panels, Porcelain Enamel Panels, and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). In addition OP is the only Eastern Canadian licensed supplier of the Cygnus wall system. The OP team is always available to help develop thorough design plans and CAD drawings which guarantee the marriage of assembly and architectural detail.